4 things to do when hiring a handyman

If you own a home, no matter how old or new it is, at some point you’re going to require the services of a handyman. You may even be quite handy around the house yourself, but there is definitely a limit as to what untrained professionals can do. It might be a leaking pipe, fixing the air conditioning, painting, putting up book shelves, tiling, electrical work and more.

No matter what the scope of the project is, you’re going to want someone who can perform the job efficiently, reliably and at an affordable price. Take into account these 4 points before hiring a handyman for your home:

Check online reviews

Before you even call a specific handyman, check the reviews online. This might be from their Facebook page or a review website. Checking on local Facebook groups for mention of this handyman and people’s experiences is also advisable. You could run a search to see what people are saying, or you could make your own post asking if anyone has any experience with him.

Ask for references

Even better than checking online reviews is asking for references. Seeing how willing he is to give you these references is also very telling. And don’t be afraid to ask him some questions of your own. Finding out about his experience and training will also give you an insight into his capabilities.

Get numerous quotes

It might be tempting to follow the recommendation of a friend straight away, but do your due diligence first. Collecting quotes and interviewing a number of contractors will help give you perspective and a better understanding of exactly what it is you’re looking for and need. Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest price for that reason alone. Make it your mission to find the most reasonable, transparent quote.

Stay involved

Just because you’ve found the perfect handyman, it doesn’t mean you can relax yet (sorry!). Staying involved during the project is just as important so that you always have a clear idea of the work that is taking place. This will prevent overcharging for unnecessary work and will also ensure that the project is being performed to your satisfaction.

Sound like too much hassle? Entrust the task to Scrubs. We take care of hiring the right professional for the job and we’ll never just leave him to it. We’ll constantly check in and ensure the job is being done efficiently.


Yoel Kaufman

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